About Me

Full name: Lacey Wood
Birthdate: November 30
Birthplace: Montana
Height: 168cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood type: A+
Job/Occupation: Infrastructure Engineer
Likes: Mountains, kitties, motorsports
Dislikes: Mushrooms, bad smells, flat places
Hobbies: Drawing, coding, driving
Favorite food: Spaghetti
Forte in sports: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Favorite music: Drum n Bass
Fighting style: Mixed Martial Arts

nem0 was found as an infant being cared for by a mountain lioness with two other cubs in the Hyalite Canyon area south of Bozeman. She was then adopted by a wonderful set of parents and raised in the center of the Venn diagram combining “art” and “science.” Educated in art history and software engineering, she’s currently plying her trade as an IT sellsword at a Fortune 500 while freelancing in art, design, and app development.

Her band is called You Will Choose Fire, and their debut EP is out in September 2017 on Ohm Resistance.

See LinkedIn for professional experience.