Q: What does north-40 mean?

A:┬ánorth-40 is a term rural folk use to refer to the farthest, most remote corner of their property. It’s the place a little off the beaten path, out on the edge of things, in the hinterlands.

Q: Why Pebble?

A: Because I have one, and it turned out that developing for the platform is both easy and fun. That the dev environment is open and cloud based and linked to GitHub is a huge bonus.

Q: Will you port your apps to [blank]?

A: While not ruling it out, I don’t have any plans to port my apps at this time.

Q: Can I hire you?

A: Maybe. Email me and we’ll talk, assuming there’s compensation involved. If said compensation is, “For the exposure,” or, “An audition for future projects,” please don’t waste either of our time.

Q: Are you a Salesforce developer?

A: No. I work as a developer at Salesforce, but not on the platform.