Pip-Boy 300

Pip-Boy 300 ScreenshotProject type: Watch face
Platform: Pebble
Compatibility: Pebble Time, Pebble 2
Languages: C, JS
Open source: GitHub

Before you go outside, you’d better make sure your Pip-Boy is working. In addition to keeping you apprised of the date and time, you can also set step and sleep goals, check your heart rate, and see if you’re on par for your daily activity levels. Better keep in shape, because if your limbs get crippled, you could be in for a bad time.


  • Live weather based on GPS location
  • Steps and sleep display with configurable goals
  • Heart rate “Vault Number” display
  • Bluetooth disconnect icon and notification
  • “Crippled” limbs can be enabled or disabled if they make you anxious

Status: 90% Config is nearly complete. Features are complete. Need to test on non-health-enabled watches to ensure full compatibility.

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